Friday, July 5, 2013

Book Marathon News: Prizes Revealed!

So I know most of you are wondering what the prizes are for the #BookMarathon.

Well sorry to keep ya'll waiting, but I had to wait for some of them to arrive and get to me. :)

I will be sending out the questions, polls and quiz's out sometime next week.
Each question, poll and quiz's will have a point next to it. That will determine how many points you could earn, if you get each of them correct.

The ones with the most points will WIN these prizes...

Prize Pack 5

1(One) Person will win some of these SWAG!

Prize Pack 4

1(One) Person will win a Guitar Pick Charm and a Team Bookmark!

Prize Pack 3

1(One) person will win a mini 'The Quoteable Traveler' hardback book and a Team Bookmark!

Prize Pack 2

1 (One) person will win a paperback copy of Angel by James Patterson and a Bookmark of their choice!

Prize Pack 1

1(One) person will win this Guitar Pick Charm Necklace plus some Swag!

There are 5 prizes to win and 5 days of questions, quiz's and polls to win them from!


If the winner does not want a team bookmark, they are welcome to chose a different bookmark.
We will determine which winner gets which prize pack, due to the most scores they have.
It is not our responsibility if prizes are lost or damaged in the mail.
Some of these bookmarks, postcards, trading cards and other swags are fan made. 
Wish Upon A Star does not hold any rights to these fan made images and are not using it to earn money. 
We would also like to thank Em Designs for the creation of these bookmarks. :)

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