Tuesday, November 5, 2013

NA Review - Fighting by Cat Phoenix

Fighting by Cat Phoenix


Goodreads Blurb

New Adult Romance

Alex is an independent twenty one year old college drop out and reformed thief when she meets Brooks. He wants her to join his team of thieves who fight to avenge the innocent, the wronged. Skeptical, she thinks he's cracked and needs to be taken back to the mental facility he'd broken out of.

Eventually, just for kicks and giggles, she lets Brooks convince her to take a chance on him. Her world is flipped upside down as she identifies with and comes to care for her new crew, except for the one man she loathes: Ethan. God, what an arrogant bastard. 

As Alex changes, so do her feelings for Ethan. Alex fights more than just her attraction to Ethan as they are bound together in a fight to survive.
When Alex and her crew's lives are endangered, will she run away or stand up and fight?

WARNING: Contains graphic sexual scenes, violence, and crude language. Recommended ages +16.

Ah I love this novel! It had everything you would need in a story. Romance, spunk, hilarious sarcasm, action and some bad guys who just won't take no for an answer ;-)

I normally love it when the story isn't dragging and slow. But even though this novel was a bit slow in development. I was totally okay with it, because it gave off a realistic appeal, as real life takes time for things to form and for bonds to develop. And the way this author wrote it, just added to the enjoyment of this novel. 

Even though the blurb kind of reveals where the story is headed. I love how I was still pretty much surprised in the development of the story. 

The characters are pretty well developed and have really interesting characteristics. I like how Brooks is the parenting figure, but at the same time he acts like the rest of the crew, making a joke or sarcasm here and there. I also love Ollie. There are times where he is just adorable and funny and at times where I completely forget that he's just a kid. And when we first met him? Damn I was laughing like no tomorrow LOL! 

Alex is one of those kick-ass, funny take no prisoner type of character. But at the same time she's pretty sweet and caring, especially to the people she has come to care about. But her most redeeming part, is her attitude and how she finds sarcasm in the strangest situation LOL.

Ethan... *sigh* At first I got carried away with Alex's dislike of him and started disliking him too. But as they spend more time together and Alex tries her hardest to hate him, I fell for him more and more. His not such a cocky jackass. His actually sweet, caring and protective about his crew. And when him and Alex finally get together...it's like yikes! It's like all that hidden chemistry just blows up! And Ethan shows readers exactly the kind of guy he is, which is. So. Damn. HOT!! His dominant, protective, caring, sweet and won't put up with Alex's confusion about their relationship because he knows they belong together and he'll prove to Alex and to everyone else exactly why that is.

I also love how the author starts and finishes off this novel. It's not rushed like 'oh there goes the main story so now it's over'. Not only does she explain how it came to be, but, she also answers some questions in the end. Wrapping it up in a nice little bow with a sexy Ethan...opps! I meant ending. ;-)

So what are you waiting for? Go get your copy now! =)

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